Our Seminars

Our inspirational and interactive seminars will leave your team pumped, excited and equipped to return to their workplace as experts, being the GreyTest in customer service!

The day will consist of us taking your team on an adventurous journey through our personally developed course stages such as...

We close with a practical simulation where we'll establish just how much your amazing crew have learnt so far.

During the day we will provide each delegate with an iPad for their personal use throughout the seminar, loaded with our software to help them take part and work individually as well as collectively with the other attendees.

After the day, each of your staff will be given access to their own section on the Greytest website where they can review information given, store their notes as well as give their own personal feedback and thoughts on the day!

Once you've jumped on board with us we'll consider your team's continuing success our GreyTest priority and will be following up in any way you'll let us!! This could be in store visits to encourage and motivate your team, lending a hand with some merchandising and store set up, following up with the GreyTest Around the Globe mystery shopper comp and or just handing out random prizes and incentives to keep staff doing their best!

All this said, we look forward to seeing you at one of our GreyTest seminars really soon!



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